We undertake to organize some of the most important moments of your life such as wedding receptions, baptisms, dance parties, bachelors, children's parties and of course all kinds social eventsSpecial menus and promotions are made for groups, associations and delegates who organize tour visits to the island. In our place we also organise music concerts with great musical trips.

We put special emphasis on the quality and variety of food, the service and the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space.

After the ceremony at the church or the town hall, we organize with you reception you dream of having fun together with everyone who honored you with their presence at this very important moment.

In Argios, we have the experience, the mood and the ideas to transform the venue into a unique place. Our aim is to make every feast an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Besides ... in Ikaria we know well about feasts.

With qualitative, live music all night and rich repertoire that rejoices in the cheerfulness. With excellent flavors that satisfy even the most demanding tastes.